REDSHIFT is an award‑winning agency that creates great digital experiences. We believe in good ideas and working with smart people.


We design for anything with a screen. Here's some of our latest and greatest:
Google Nexus website
Reimagining the Nexus product website

REDSHIFT partnered with Autofuss and Unit9 to completely redesign the product site for the Google Nexus family of phones and tablets. We created a site with rich, interactive moments to help non-technical customers imagine new Nexus features and technology in their everyday lives.

Norton Campfire
Visualizing live data from Norton's online store

REDSHIFT designed and built a touchscreen kiosk that provides rich, interactive visualizations of live data from Norton's online store. With a touch, Norton employees can discover and explore patterns in critical data driving the business. Winner of a 2012 Communicator Award and shortlisted for a 2012 Design Week Award.

Norton Online
A new way for customers to interact with Norton products

REDSHIFT was chosen to lead an ambitious initiative to design a new, cross-platform interface allowing customers to find, buy and manage the entire suite of Norton products.

Grid of Tomorrow
Understanding next-generation energy solutions from Younicos

Younicos is a global pioneer in renewable energy solutions. The touchscreen application we designed shows off their next-generation energy storage solution with highly approachable infographics and animations.

OpenTable Facebook app
Discovering new restaurants with OpenTable and Facebook

We designed an integrated Facebook app for OpenTable called "Places I've Eaten", which allows diners to easily curate and share great restaurant experiences with friends. It also marked the first collaboration between Facebook and OpenTable.

Pixel Pushers
Transforming ping pong balls into art

For SF Design Week 2013, we created an interactive "bitmap" installation using ping-pong balls and rare earth magnets. As the guests experimented with the board over a one-hour period, we captured their creations in a time-lapse video.


We love to generate new ideas and seek unconventional solutions.
We care about the way things look.
We laugh at ourselves (and sometimes other people).

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We are designers, technologists and thinkers with a passion for creating unique, engaging interactive experiences.
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